Amanda & Francis





Jeremy & Matty "Frago"




Jeffrey & Thomas Hamlin 






Details coming soon!

Details coming soon!

Christina & Stuart Karno






Shana & Jeannette Winter "Jeannetta"





Glenn was named after the Glenn Maker American Legion Hall in Chicago Ridge, IL who sponsored him.

Dave & Harley Girl





Robert & Lou Palos





Jacob & Joseph Ellis "Joseph"





    Chris & "Buster" 





Darren & Brian Opskar






Michael & Glenn Maker 






Scout was named after a veteran from the Lake Bluff, IL American Legion Post 510. Post 510 has donated and supported PAWWS from the very beginning and Stuart Karno was a huge part of that.

Jacob & Commander Edward Junior Steffen "Commander"





Patrick & Jenny






Details coming soon!

Fox was named Thomas Hamlin after a United States Marine Corps Vietnam veteran. Tom served as an officer in the USMC for 32 years and served a few tours of duty. 

Details coming soon!

Details coming soon!

Commander Ed was named after Naval Lieutenant Commander Edward Junior Steffen. Mr Steffen passed in 2002 but had 21 years of service before retiring. The Lake Bluff Woman's Club sponsored the purchasing of Commander Ed. Steffen's daughter is apart of the Woman's Club and requested that we name the dog after her father and we were happy to oblige. 

Jacob and Commander were placed together in March of 2019. 

Details coming soon!

Jared and Fay Cameron "Charger"

Jeanetta was named after US Marine Jeanette Winter. Jeanette was the 1st woman Marine killed in a hostile fire zone. She was also the first woman killed in the war on terror that began with the attacks on 9/11.

Details coming soon!


Joseph Ellis Bohon was named after 2 veterans. Joseph was Vietnam veteran and Ellis Bohon was a WWII both of these veteran’s families donated money to purchase Joseph.