Amanda & Francis





Jeremy & Matty "Frago"




Jeffrey & Tom






Christina & Stewart






Shana & Jeannette





Ambassador Dog

Momma Carole on left





Dave & Harley Girl





​Jacob and Joseph Ellis have be placed together since Veteran's Day 2014.  Joseph has been getting cultured with the symphony, community events and sporting events.  These activities are helping Jacob reach his personal goals and become part of his community again!

Robert & Lou Palos





Jacob & Joseph






"Buster is the part of me that died overseas. Without him, I would not be able to cope through all of the turmoil and problems in my life. He is my better half."


    Chris & Buster 

Chris, the first PAWWS® veteran, was paired with a two year old black lab named Frank, in January 2012.


 Shortly after receiving Frank, Chris was surprised at how his new service dog could bust him out of his nightmares and ground him. This led to Frank being renamed. Buster.   




Jacob & Commander Ed





Patrick & Jenny






Darren & Brian Opskar






Michael & Glenn Maker 

"Fecteau"on right