These are the puppies that Momma Carole provided for PAWWS and for our Veterans! 

Details and Pictures coming soon!!

Momma Carole

Carole is an English Labrador. On July 29, 2016 she gave birth to 4 chocolate and 3 black lab puppies providing the next generation of PAWWS service dogs. The puppies are shown below! 

Fraulein Heidi

Fraulein Heidi is a German Shepard.  She is the future of PAWWS.  She is very intelligent and great companion to all of our guest. 

Harold "Nudge" Koal
The Poster Dog for Paws Assisting Wounded WarriorS
Harold was named after June Davies' husband, a WW2 veteran. At 9 months of age he was paired with his first veteran, Chris Stanton a Marine Corps veteran that served in OIF. Chris and Koal, as he called him, became the best of friends. During an intense psychology session, Chris became disassociated and began having a flashback. Koal recognized that Chris was in distress and came to his aid. Koal nudged Chris to bring him back to reality. That is when he was given the nickname "Nudge".

Unfortunately, shortly after after this event Harold began having problems walking and was in need of elbow surgery. Although that surgery was a success, he was unable to continue his mission as a service dog. With Chris's understanding Harold was retired but he is still very much part of PAWWS. He is at every event and makes himself available to any veteran that needs a little nudge. 


Margaret is a Standard Poodle.  She is the  enforcer of the rules of the pack.  She is very caring and affectionate to the Veterans she meets and makes everyone smile.​


Boulder is an English Labrador.  He is the Alpha of the pack. He was the first labrador to be trained for service.