Must be a Combat disabled veteran

Veteran must have an honorable discharge and be in good standing with the law

Veteran is clinically diagnosed with PTSD

Veteran has undergone therapy / treatment for PTSD

Veteran has to be clean from all addictions for at least one year

Veteran needs a letter of recommendation from doctor recommending a service dog

Veteran must have a stable home environment and living at the same address for at least 6 months

Some knowledge of dogs required

There are no other dogs at the home unless they are certified therapy dogs through Therapy Dogs International

Veteran must fulfill all training requirements (80-120 hours of training with dog prior to placement depending on experience)

Once placed with our Service dog, 2-year commitment to training on a weekly basis

Veteran must sign PAWWS agreement and uphold highest standard of a working relationship with PTSD Service Dog.

Apply Here

PAWWS Veteran Application

Please fill out form completely. Thank You!

You will be asked to send one of the following documents related to your status (Active Duty, Retired, Veteran) once your applications is received.

  • DD Form 214
  • Retired ID card
  • Active Duty ID card
You can request a copy of your DD Form 214 from the National Archives Veterans' Service Records