About PAWWS®

“Our Heroes”
Macey Kerfin - 12yrs old

I smile because freedom I cry from freedoms wounds Life is a path that will lead them They are the reason we are free Even though they had no choice but to agree They could not flee They even traveled oversea They had to stay around To Hold their ground Just so we could live our lives free Our lives would not be the same Without the boom and the bang Of wars pain This was not a game There was no ring of the bell To say that this game was over Veterans have invisible scars That war just took too far Red White and blue helped our veterans Pull through We will always honor and respect The way they fought They were able to get out of wars Tangled freedom knot

We are enriching the lives of disabled veterans with the use of service dogs and to educate the public on the benefits of our service dogs. Donations are greatly appreciated. Paw Assisting Wounded WarriorS®
 is a not-for-profit organization under the IRS tax code section 501(c)(3).


Paws Assisting Wounded WarriorS® is based in Palos Heights, IL. Our staff is comprised

of professional dog trainers dedicated to the training of all our service dogs. Our
canine candidates come from a variety of sources, including rescue dogs.

The first step on the program is to pair the wounded warrior with a dog. All canine
candidates must pass a series of temperament tests in order to be eligible to enter
into the program. In addition, all dogs must be at a pre-determined level of obedience
before being handed over to the veteran. The ‘pairing process’ between the veteran
and dog is critical because the ‘bond’ that develops between them is an essential
element of the program. They will live together from that point forward. All placement
and training fees are at no cost to the veteran.

Our service dogs are trained for a series of standard commands however depending
on the individual needs of the veteran, the dog will undergo additional training
for these specific tasks. The canine will then become an official ‘Certified Service

A Certified Service Dog is allowed by law to enter public places such as the veteran’s
work place, restaurants, buses, stores etc. These are rights set forth in the Americans
with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Our program runs approximately 6 months in length and is comprised of several training
stages, most of which are catered to the individual requirements of each soldier
/ canine team. These stages include individual and group sessions focusing on canine
behavior, canine care and hygiene, training techniques, dog-whispering techniques,
obedience, public access and socialization, specialized service tasks and more. Each
team shall satisfy a minimum of 80 hours of specific service-training and public

The skills learned in our program can also aid in new career paths for some of our
veterans. These include but are not limited to canine behaviorist, trainers, veterinary
technicians, professional dog handlers, groomers and more. 

All funding is derived from charitable donations. Please help our cause and donate today.